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The project Kairos consists of a series of exhibitions in which various artists are invited to collaborate in unexpected places and in a short period of time, giving the privilege of the unpredictable reaction at the expense of the planned result, and thus referring to the Greek's notion of time : KAIROS.

Kairos, the god of opportunity, is the youngest son of Zeus. He is commonly represented as a beautiful young bald man with a single lock of hair falling over his forehead. Unpredictable, irreversible and fugitive, the Kairos embodies the allegory of opportunity in Greek mythology. He occurs at a moment or place in a timely manner. The enigmatic nature of the Kairos is variously translated : "opportunity", "aptly", and also " at the right moment." You have only but one chance to catch him when he appears, then one has to know when to grasp this unique strand of hair.

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