Kairos #2

Hotel Casa El Silencio,

June 2014


For the second edition, we invited 4 Mexican artists: Marco Aviña, Alejandro Garcia Contreras, Juan José Soto y Roberto de la Torre to think a piece for a motel room in Mexico City. Motels are establishments with common appearances but the consumer-knower is not mistaken : the world "motel" (motor-hotel) is explicit. Entering by car, the garage communicates directly with the room and the anonymous six hours laps renting, responds perfectly to conditions for sex time but also obscurest acts… 


Following the Kairos aspect of opportunity and time, we didn't inform the hotel of the event. 
The four artists had 6 hours to catch their Kairos and make a video documenting their intervention. Then, Project and videos where presented in Mexico City at the artist-run space 123. Since then videos are broadcasted on Internet


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