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Kairos #3


April 2020, Quarantine time

For its third edition, the Kairos Project took place in Ejido Carrillo Puerto, a little village in southern Chiapas, Mexico. This tropical area is on the foothills of the Tacana volcano and close to the border with Guatemala. The exhibition will be made in collaboration with DEDAZO art residency and its "Espacio de Proyectos", an urban ruin without a roof that lies the center of the town. During spring and summer, locals experiment daily rain that usually starts at 3 or 4 pm. The volcanic hills are exposed to clouds and moisture that comes from the nearby pacific ocean, forming a barrier that stops the cloud formations. Trapped, the clouds have no choice but to discharge all their water, forming impressive daily rainfall.


“Esperando la lluvia” is a proposal for the invited artists to work with this natural event, creating a specific work in collaboration with the rain.

The exhibition was thought from a distance, artist either shipped their works or sent their ideas in the form of a protocol, reducing physical displacements as much as possible. In response to the current world crisis that is forcing almost everybody to stay home, this project only exists at a distance. The curator was in charge of realizing or finishing the art pieces, before exposing them to the unpredictable forces of nature, waiting for a “rendez vous” with the rain. All actions pieces were carried out remotely between May 12 to 24 at the Dedazo art Residency Project Space at the center of the town.


A photographic documentation is currently and gradually widely shared on the internet.


Guest artists: Jeannette Betancourt, Océane Bruel, Damien Fragnon, Isauro Huizar, Naomi Maury and Ilán Rabchinskey.

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